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Extended Warranties/Service Contracts

An Extended Warranty or Service Contract is an agreement between the owner and the Warranty Company, obligating the Warranty Company to pay for repairs covered by the contract for a specific period of time.  Your Vehicle is a major investment.  With an Extended Warranty you are protecting yourself from the unexpected cost of mechanical breakdowns.  One major repair often ends up costing as much, or even more than the entire cost of the warranty.  An Extended Warranty will ensure that your Vehicle is always in the best mechanical condition. Warranty Direct offers the best extended warranty in the business with prices up to 60% less than other similar programs. Warranty Direct is backed by over 25 years of experience.

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Why purchase an Extended Warranty/Service Contract?

  • Peace of mind

  • Allows repairs to be made when you need them

  • Most include a Free Rental Car if your car is in the shop for covered repairs

  • Protects you against the rising costs of repairs

  • Added resale value- most contracts are transferable upon sale

What to look for when purchasing an Extended Warranty

  • True Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage if the plan lists the items that are covered, it is Not a bumper-to-bumper plan.  By definition, a bumper to bumper plan is exclusionary, that is, it will only list the few components that are not covered.  Typically these include cosmetic and maintenance items.

  • Wear and Tear Protection This means that you are covered for parts that break as well as those that wear out.  All covered parts in a policy should include a “wear and tear” provision.  A lot of plans have wear and tear exclusions, such as struts, piston rings, valves or other expensive components that wear out and will not be covered.  Beware of “Mechanical Breakdown” plans, they often have wear-and-tear exclusions, thus offering you less coverage.

  • Overheating  Look for a plan that does not exclude damage due to overheating.

  • Roadside Assistance You want a plan that offers a Free nationwide Roadside Assistance plan.  You want to be covered per occurrence.  Not an out of pocket reimbursement plan, that is tied to only covered repairs.  A good policy includes:

Emergency Road Service* Towing * Mechanical First Aid * Emergency Tire Service * Battery Assistance * Gasoline Delivery * Fluid Delivery * Emergency Lock-out Service * Nationwide Coverage * Toll Free 800 Number * 24 Hours a Day/365 Days a Year

  • Car Rental  Should your vehicle have to remain overnight for a covered repair.

  • Trip Interruption  Should your vehicle become disabled more than 100 miles away from home and the repair is covered under your contract, reimbursement for lodging and meals.

  • Nationwide Protection Repairs can be made at any repair facility in the US or Canada.

  • Choice of Deductibles Most automobile plans offer $0, $50 and $100 deductible options.

  • Renewals A plan that may be renewed for continuous one-year terms for as long as you own your vehicle. 

  • Transferable The ability to transfer your coverage when you sell your vehicle, for a modest fee, which will increase your vehicle's resale value.

Warranty Direct is the nation's leading direct marketer of extended warranties covering automobiles, light trucks, boats and more. When you buy from them, you are buying from the source and eliminating the middlemen and additional markups. You pay below retail prices and save up to 60% over what others charge.

Warranty Direct, is the consumer division of Interstate National Dealer Services, one of the nation's oldest and largest vehicle service contract firms. This 25 year old company has the experience of well over 1.5 million contracts sold. Its products are sold through car dealers, credit unions, banks and direct-to-consumers. When looking at extended warranty companies, financial stability should be of utmost importance; after all, you will need them to be there down the road to pay your claims. Interstate has been named to the Forbes Magazine list of the “Top 200 Small Companies in America” THREE times. We feel it's important that you know who you are buying from. They are not an anonymous web site but a nationwide warranty firm with an outstanding track record.

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Auto Warranty Basics

Final Tip!

Although this should go without saying, please remember to fill out the warranty quote request form properly and completely. Make sure your phone number is valid and especially be sure your email address is correct. For example if you have an AOL email address and your user name is joe_user, then your email address would be joe_user@aol.com, and not just "joe_user".

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